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TRiNGiNE Test and Matching

determines team role profiles*) of candidates, as well as their job and organisation preference profiles*) and determines profiles of jobs and companies*) and allows you to match all these profiles agains each other in the Matching module

*) based on Belbin team roles

Handwritten résumés in order to demonstrate ones personality are long gone. Electronic archives and text analysis are progressing. Social Media, Big Data, search engines focusing on keywords do not make it easy to stand out of the crowd when looking for employment. Also for those offering a job it\'s not getting easier as differentiating selection criteria become more difficult to recognise.

  1. Personal Tests offer job candidates the opportunity to extend their résumé with a personal behavioural profile to make sure to be fast and easily found to apply for a fitting job.
  2. For all entering new in a job environment the personal tests help to determine the personal behavioural advantages and to display the appropriate appearance to secure their career chances.
  3. For all interested in improving their personal behavioural profile, the personal test helps to recognise the own strengths and to develop them and to avoid situations calling for their weaknesses.

Inventarisation of the own behaviour can be expanded by assessments of observers who know the candidate very well. The more observers add to the behavioural profile, the larger is the improvement potential. Job chances and career chances increase when you know where your own natural strengths lie from which you can be sure to meet the demanded expectations.
Less often, a job is characterized by fixed predefined and carefully described work instructions. Personal behavioural traits of a candidate gaining more and more importance. In addition to the directly professional skills a candidate must fit in a team and collaborate successfully with others. It is therefore almost naturally to include the work environment when determining the job requirements.

A Job Test provides on teamroles standardized profiles of a job and allows organisations to state their job requirements not only in terms of professional knowledge and expertise but also in terms of job-related behaviour in a team or an organisation.

Along with its Jobtest, TRiNGiNE offers also a Jobtest Consolidation. Was it up till now task of the direct leadership or the HR-manager to define and describe a job, with TRiNGiNE now also others from the direct work environment have the opportunity to participate in the construction of the job requirement (related to behaviour) via Jobtest Consolidation. With the TRiNGiNE jobtest the search for the appropriate candidate is more specific and the chance to find the "right"-one increases. It also increases the chance that the candidate that fits, is more successful and will stay.
of Candidate,
Job and Organisation
With a growing number of candidates for a position it is desirable to run an effective and efficient preselection. With all "online"-publications the range of target groups increases continuously and multiplies the number of reactions. An often used, but expensive, solution is to manually scan through the résumés for experience, education and abilities, select a few and invite them for an interview and/or ask them to perform a psychological test. This leads to quite some effort in time and money on both ends, that could have been avoided. This method also invites to easily overlook and miss out the "right" candidate for the preselection. The possibility to select "online" is already an advantage compared to the usual "job-advertisings and job-application-letters"-method.

TRiNGiNEs Job and Candidates Matching offers the opportunity to compare the on teamroles standardised behavioural profiles of candidates with those of jobs. this makes it easy to identify the best fitting candidate based on his/her teamrole profile and vice versa find for a candidate the best fitting job available in the database. Matching-criteria are the via TRiNGiNE-tests established teamrole profiles of jobs and candidates. The available report-function allow for quick and ease documentation of matching-criteria and matching-results.
150-year-old companies, which draw from their mere existence a reputation of guaranteed product quality and market position, are becoming increasingly rare. Today, especially speed of innovation and production is required, besides its attractiveness marketing and reputation. The same goes for the application-process of their employees. Months-long trial periods are no longer imaginable. New employees should fit into the company from the very beginning. Therefore, a crucial factor in the recruitment and selection of new personnel is to cast an authentic picture of what the company wants to be, is and can be.

A TRiNGiNE Organisation Test allows to set up a standardised profile of a company (or organisation) reflecting their behavioural characteristics. In personal tests candidates are invited to indicate their expectations of the company they like to work for in relation to the image of the company in the market, as well as to the image of the company as an employer. Through matching of company profile with the expectations and preferences of the candidates, the best fitting can be identified easily. Disappointments on both sides at a later date can thus be avoided. Furthermore, in-house and outsourced recruiters have a higher chance of acquiring the right candidates.

Very often it\'s the marketing and PR-personnel that creates an image of how a company wants to be perceived. With the TRiNGiNE organisation test also other parties have the opportunity to picture the company through their own eyes, creating a more vivid and realistic picture of how a company behaves. So using this more realistic picture of the company when matching with candidate preferences increases the chance of company and candidate to find the right fit. Implicitly this increases the chance for a successful stay.
Team rolesDespite the fact, that also other models are used, TRiNGiNE relies on the Belbin Team Roles, as their validity has been scientifically checked and because they are very much suited for standardisation of candidate- and job-profiles. The team roles and their attributes are:
TeamroleStrengthsAllowable Weaknesses
PLPlantCreative, imaginative, unorthodox. Solves difficult problemsIgnores incidentals. Too pre-occupied with own thoughts to communicate effectively.
RIResource InvestigatorExtrovert, enthusiastic, communicative. Explores opportunities. Develops contactsOver-optimistic. Can lose interest once initial enthusiasm has passed.
MEMonitor EvaluatorSerious minded, strategic and discerning. Sees all options. Judges accurately.Can lack drive and ability to inspire others.
SPSpecialistSingle-minded, self-starting, dedicated. Provides knowledge and skills in rare supply.Contributes on only a limited front. Dwells on specialised personal interests.
COCoordinatorMature, confident. Clarifies goals. Brings other people together to promote team discussionsCan be seen as manipulative. Offloads personal work.
SHShaperChallenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure. Has the drive and courage to overcome obstaclesProne to provocation. Liable to offend others.
CFCompleter FinisherPainstaking, conscientious, anxious. Searches out errors and omissions. Delivers on time.Inclined to worry unduly. Reluctant to let others into own job.
IMPImplementerDisciplined, reliable, conservative in habits. A capacity for taking practical steps and actions.Somewhat inflexible. Slow to respond to new possibilities.
TWTeamworkerCo-operative, mild, perceptive and diplomatic. Listens, builds, averts friction.Indecisive in crunch situations.
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Price list:

Please note:the prices are given excluding a report, which would add € 20 to the test price (e.g. a TRiNGiNE Self perception test would cost €47,50 including a report). Per price item it is indicated whether a report is included or not.

(excl. % VAT)
Personal Jobpreferencetest   (1 JPT)No€ 15.00
Personal Organisationpreferencetest   (1 CPT)No€ 10.00
Team report for Interplace6Yes€ 100.00
Jobtest   (1 JT)No€ 39.50
Additional Job Observer Assessment   (1 J-OBS)n.a.€ 3.50
Organisationtest   (1 CT)No€ 10.00
Additional Organisation Observer Assessment   (1 C-OBS)n.a.€ 3.50
Matchinglist: Candidates for a job   (1 ML)No€ 100.00
Matchinglist: Candidates for an organisation   (1 ML)No€ 25.00
Matchinglist: Jobs for a candidate   (1 ML)No€ 100.00
Matchinglist: Companies for a candidate   (1 ML)No€ 25.00
Credit of EUR 100,-   (1 CRED100)n.a.€ 100.00
(Manual) Import of a test   (1 IMP)n.a.€ 2.50
Report   (1 REP)Yes€ 20.00

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