Consultant Matching

TRiNGiNE Matching - that fits !

allows you in the TRiNGiNE Matching-Module to compare behavioural profiles*) of candidates and their preferences with the required profiles*) of jobs and companies and identify the best match.

*) based on Belbin team roles

The times in which "gut-feeling" and person related tests were the sole decision base to select candidates is past. Every job demands next to knowledge and experience a very specific behavioural profile, will it done successfully.

Exactly this is the point where TRiNGiNE Matching kicks in. Determine the behavioural profile of a candidate, job and organisation. TRiNGiNE Matching finds you the right match. TRiNGiNE Matching is a web based instrument allowing fast matching of behavioural profiles regardless of the volume.
for a job
The process to fill a (new) position is cost- and time-consuming and not always leads to the intended result. The means to judge a candidate fit for a job, beside his capabilities, are vague if available at all.

The TRiNGiNE Matching mode Candidates for a job allows already at an early stage in the selection process to identify those candidates which fit for the intended job based on their behavioural profile. The remaining part of the process is therefore more efficient and more effective.
for a
For companies who want to attract potential employees as early as possible (regardless of the current availability of a job) it is important not only to chase subject matter talents but attract e.g. final-year students bij addressing their preferences based on their behavioural profile. When it "fits" is the chance to tie young people in an early stage to the organisation larger.

The TRiNGiNE Matching mode Candidates for an organisation helps to keep the expectations on both sides as well companies as well the addressed realistic, honest and respectful.
for a
In case of organisational changes, career planning matters or personnel reduction the important question is: for which job is a candidate suited? It is true for both people inside the organisation as well as external applicants, who see themselves faced with the decision to either be retrained for another job or to be further educated to be better suited.

De TRiNGiNE Matching modus Jobs for a candidate helps candidates to find their bearings and is a useful tool for the Personnel Department. TRiNGiNE allows the matching of Jobs for a specific organisation, or across the complete database of available candidates or just across the candidates that have applied for a specific job.
for a
It is no longer mainly the organisation that chooses the talents, more and more talents are looking for an organisation that fits their expectations. E.g. the may have just completed their education that fits their expectations both as an employer and as the type of organisation that they would like to belong to.

The TRiNGiNE Matching mode Organisations for a candidate offers the possibility to match the profile of the organisational preferences of a candidate with the available organisational profiles of organisations. A good reason for organisation to make sure that they have thought through what they want to be "famous"for in order to distinguish themselves from other competing organisations.
The initial TRiNGiNE matching process purely based on profiles produces a "raw result". This is a first impression to what extent the candidates present in the used resource pool match. Depending on what the intension is, this may be sufficient. If not, a TRiNGiNE Matching list can be stored. This list can contain the matched candidates ( or jobs, or organisations, depending on the mode) that the user picks. The match results of the candidates can then be further analysed and refined. The matching list also offer the possibility to get more detailed information per analysed match online, like the comparison of the profiles, the match analysis and typical (enlightening) texts that refer to the candidate, job or organisation.
Refinement of the matching results can be achieved by applying the different filters, that influence the matching results. For instance, looking only at certain test types ( SPI or OBS) , adding or removing personal preferences and fine tuning what the relative weight of the different factors is. (e.g. how important is a job preference or a organisation preferences compared to the personal profile?) The final matching result can therefor be customised to what is required.
Matching Reports are suited to document the matching analysis as well as a means of communication to the "customers" of the matching process. The relevant results are than available in a concise and well-presented report. The automatically generated TRiNGiNE matching reports therefor save time (on both sides!) and support the decision process.

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