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By buying TRiNGiNE-Tests you will get the licenses for the use of the TRiNGiNE Platform and all required functionality. By purchasing the tests you also indicate that you agree to the TRiNGiNE Terms and Conditions.

Price List:

Please note:the prices are given excluding a report, which would add € 20 to the test price (e.g. a TRiNGiNE Self perception test would cost €47,50 including a report). Per price item it is indicated whether a report is included or not

(excl. 20% VAT)
Personal Jobpreferencetest   (1 JPT)No€ 15.00
Personal Organisationpreferencetest   (1 CPT)No€ 10.00
Team report for Interplace6Yes€ 25.00
Jobtest   (1 JT)No€ 39.50
Additional Job Observer Assessment   (1 J-OBS)n.a.€ 3.50
Organisationtest   (1 CT)No€ 10.00
Additional Organisation Observer Assessment   (1 C-OBS)n.a.€ 3.50
Matchinglist: Candidates for a job   (1 ML)No€ 100.00
Matchinglist: Candidates for an organisation   (1 ML)No€ 25.00
Matchinglist: Jobs for a candidate   (1 ML)No€ 100.00
Matchinglist: Companies for a candidate   (1 ML)No€ 25.00
Credit of EUR 100,-   (1 CRED100)n.a.€ 100.00
(Manual) Import of a test   (1 IMP)n.a.€ 2.50
Report   (1 REP)Yes€ 20.00

The newly purchased test licenses are indicated within the system as "stock" that will be used in accordance with your usage of the system. An overview of your actual stock and usage is provided as part of your account

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