TRiNGiNE - Jobs Tests


The TRiNGiNE Platform is a Web-based collection of modules providing rich applications of the team roles by means of profile tests, tools and reports. Team roles are used to generate a model of the behaviour of a person, a job or an organization in order to communicate clearly what can be expected from them.
De TRiNGiNE Job tests module supports the creation, modelling and managing job descriptions, profiles and reports. The tests can be based on the image of the person who held the job at that time. They also can be based on the image that others have of that job and the necessary behavioural criteria to be successful in this job. resp. what\'s expected when holding this job in future. As the result of a jobtest is available in form of a team role profile it can easily be matched with the team role profiles of candidates and their preferences.

By continuously employing people who show little differences between job profile and their job preference profile, the organisation\'s chance to increase motivation of their employees and finally productivity is high.

The job profile is stronger the more participants cooperate in the job test and in the consolidation of the commonly gathered input.

Functions and Usage

The Job Test Module supports a number of use cases:
  • Consultant - the consultant can establish jobprofiles and refine these with the client based on behavioural profiles to reach a higher chance of success when finding and selecting the most favourable candidate. He/she can also invite other persons to participate in refining the right characterisation of the job. This helps (in everybody\'s interest) to book results and deliver high quality.
  • Consultant - the consultant can as user invite people to do a job test for which he/she can decide to give the client the freedom to invite observers or that the consultant does it for the client. The consultant can also decide to give the client direct access to the reports or manage the reports him/herself.
  • Companies - The organisation user can invite everyone related to the job (employees, customers, etc.) who can contribute to a profound characterisation to do the job test and gain their insight in which behavioural profile is required for this job. Doing so, the organisation user has the same functions and capabilities available as the consultant. An accurate job profile increases the chance to find the right candidate. Be it for new hires, replacements or mergers.
  • B2B - consultants, recruitment agencies, headhunters etc. can run the jobtest also as service for other companies.

Besides that, the test can also be offered in various languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • German

Performing TRiNGiNE Jobs Tests leads to the administration of:

  • standardised job descriptions based on teamroles.
  • test input data
  • teamrole profile of the job
  • job report

The data considered personal stays at all times under the administration of the user, only he/she can decide to delete or keep data. To a certain extent data can be exported for usage outside of TRiNGiNE by the user.


The test provides a standard report. The user in return has a number of options:

  •  Reports can be generated and regenerated in a number of different languages. The chosen report language is independent of the language chosen for the test.
  • The user has also the option to alter the assembly of chapters in the report according to his own or his clients liking.
  • Reports can be e-mailed directly from TRiNGiNE to the client.

Possibilities for consultancy

The Job Test Module can diligently be used by consultants to support their services. Usage of the Teamrole model by clients results often in the need for support:
  • What are the teamroles?
  • What to do if the job-observers cannot agree about the job requirements?
  • How are job requirements and teamroles related?
Of course there is also a demand for training and support with TRiNGiNE users. So, a consultant can become accredited by TRiNGiNE in the usage of the Teamrole model. Send an email to for information about it.

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